Friday, July 07, 2006

ITube, MeTube, YouTube

I'm such a nerd. Last night someone was trying to tell me this joke/pick-up line...

Guy: Whenever a girl asks what your profession is, you say doctor. When she says what kind, so say, "I'm a doctor in pussyology, baby."
Me: You mean a gynecologist?

Would someone please explain to me what is so funny about this Brookers girl on Youtube? Apparently the majority of the YouTube community thinks she's just HILARIOUS, and I just don't get it. Each video is basically 3-4 minutes of her doing mediocre impressions. Why is this hailed as high comedy? Like this one. How is this funny? Maybe I should ask this kid, who filmed himself watching it and posted it on YouTube. Does anybody else think this is creepy, because Lord knows I DO. What is wrong with America? Were there really people like this before the advent of the Internet, or has the Internet just endowed them with the means to extract themselves from the woodwork? I guess I can't totally hate on YouTube, since it did proffer me the Hakuna Matata video, but the proliferation of these people was a steep price to pay.

I read in Variety that Carson Daly was so impressed he signed her to a talent agency...although we also have to raise our eyebrows at Carson Daly. I thought putting the words "Carson Daly" and "talent" in the same sentence would cause the world to implode. Why is this guy so popular? His late night show is decidedly NOT FUNNY. I heard a joke once that Carson Daly is the opposite of Christopher Reeves - dead from the neck up - and I have to agree. He's so dull. He's a guy who was plucked out of obscurity and given a job as an MTV VJ, joining the hallowed halls of such media giants as Pauly Shore. I used to like Carson a bit when he was on TRL, if only because he was obviously something of a tool but girls loved him because he was on TV. "Oh my gawd, I love you, Cawrson!"


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