Monday, July 24, 2006

Where fake smiles and shallow questions are the pith of beauty

I caught a little bit of the "Miss Universe" pageant last night. I can't decide whether that title is arrogant or just misleading. It's like how we call our baseball championships the "World" Series. Miss Universe? Was everyone in the universe represented in the pageant? Was Miss Rigel 7 there? What about Miss Alpha Centari*? I don't see how someone can be crowned "Miss Universe" when the only contestants were from one measley little planet. Apparently the Miss Universe pageant welcomes even less delegates than the more appropriately named Miss World. Miss Solar System I could have swallowed; maybe Miss Galaxy. But Miss Universe? This time they've gone too far.

* She has brains; she has charm; she has tentacles that go all the way to the floor, my friend.


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