Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Gasoline and global warming

I know it's irrational of me, but everytime I pump gas I get pissed at George Bush. I just stand there helplessly watching the counter rise (...$10...$20...$30...) and think to myself, "George Bush had a plan...George Bush had a plan...some plan." For sure the Clinton administration and late 90s Democrats are partly to blame for not really promoting alternative energies and hybrid engines back when they were first becoming viable technologies, but I feel like the Bush administration's energy solution is so typical of the Republican platform when it comes to issues concerning the environment and natural resources: don't worry about it. Gas prices? Don't worry about it. Global warming? Don't worry about it. Polluted air? Don't worry about it. Logging? Don't worry about it. Overpopulation? Don't worry about it. Failing education standards? Don't worry about it. The national deficit? Don't worry about it. The war in Iraq? Don't worry about it. Maybe if we ignore it long enough people will just stop caring. Our country is one giant ostrich with its head buried in the conservative sand. There's no preemptive effort here. The great advances in modern medicine didn't happened when doctors figured out how to treat the flu; it happened when they figured out how to PREVENT the flu. It's the tragic tale of a life lesson clearly not learned.


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