Monday, September 18, 2006

Beauty or a beast?

I don't like this commercial. It's the one where Maria Sharapova is heading to the US Open and everyone around her is singing "I Feel Pretty" until Maria gets on the court and slams an ace. The message, of course, is that Maria isn't just a pretty face; she's a dominating force on the court. This would be a lot more impressive, though, if she actually WAS a dominating force on the court. Don't get me wrong, she's obviously quite good, but she's only won two Grand Slams in three years (and one of those was just last month). Granted, that's two more than I've won (or is it?) but then, I'm not starring in international commercials about how awesome I am at tennis. The great irony, of course, is that the reason she's popular - the reason she's in the Nike commercial - isn't because of her tennis prowess; it is, in fact, because she's "oh so pretty." The only accolade she's won consistently is Maxim's Hottest Female Athlete of the Year.

I'll admit, though, I'm completely inconsistent on this, since it used to annoy me whenever people said that Anna Kournikova sucked at tennis and the only reason she was famous was because she was hot. Eh. She was no Bille Jean, but she didn't SUCK. She dominated the doubles circuit, and at one point she was ranked #8 in the world. She was better than all but seven women at tennis. How many of us will ever be better than all but seven people at anything? For myself, I dominate at backgammon/


Anonymous The Black Ninja said...

A) that is a great commercial
B) Taking into account that she was born in 1987, having won Wimbledon and the US Open is pretty damn good.

I think the commercial is not so much a comment on how dominant she is, but how agressive she plays. If you watch her play she scowls, yells, grunts, and celebrates with this masculine anger, machismo if you will.

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