Monday, September 11, 2006

On the day after

I suppose I should say something about the five-year anniversary about 9/11. But really, I don't care. I just don't. I did enjoy watching Sherri Palmer as Condileeza Rice on that ABC movie last night, though. She's like a version of Condi I'd actually do. And Stephen Root as Richard Clarke. I'm not saying he's a version of Clarke I'd actually do, I'm saying I enjoyed watching him.

But 9/11. Really don't care. Maybe because it was five years ago. The earth has rotated around the sun five full times since that day. Zippity-do-da. I also don't particularly care about birthdays, either, so at least I'm consistent. Maybe I'd feel different if I hadn't had 9/11 jammed down my throat for the past five years. I'm sick of 9/11. "On 9/11 this, on 9/11 that." Change the subject, already! You probably think I'm talking about the Bush Administration right now. I'm not. I'm talking about you, and your sister, and every ass-clown American who thought a candle-light vigil on the night of 9/11 was some great testament to American solidarity. Why did we do that? So we could act like, at that moment at least, we gave a shit? Nevermind the fact that five years later we're once again completely divided by our partisan bickering. Abortion is baby-killing versus getting our laws off your body. Cutting-and-running versus bringing freedom to the Middle-East. A nation where everyone recognizes Dennis Haysbert and not Dennis Hastert. So what did we really learn from 9/11? Nothing. We learned that we're one nation indivisible up to the point where we actually have to ACT like one nation indivisible. Thank you, 9/11. On this day we remember your legacy.


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