Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Life according to JoJo

Over the weekend I drove up to my college homecoming from NYC with some fellow alumni, and in the FIVE HOURS it took (because of some accident on I-91) we were all reflecting on how we were so out-of-touch with the popular music scene, so we listened to a station that played the "Top 20" over and over and over. One of the consistent contenders was the new "hit" by JoJo called "Too Little Too Late." It's a good song, I remember I heard her perform it on Leno a few weeks back. So when I got home I decided to give it another listen, even watch the music video. I don't know if any of you have seen it, but it really confuses me. I started to make a list...

1. The video starts off with a scene to establish the "plot." JoJo and her boyfriend are sitting in a car having an argument. Flashbacks reveal that she caught him at a party with another girl.

JoJo: It's just disrespectful, David.
David: Look, I was just talking to her. You know I love you.
JoJo: It's about what you do, not what you say.
David: All right, hold up. I have something for you. [hands her a ticket] I want you to be there on Saturday.
JoJo: Okay.

The B-movie dialogue notwithstanding, I don't understand this conversation. How could they just move on to Part B when Part A got no closure? That 800-pound gorilla's still in the backseat.

2. Why is her car parked on the track? Does her high school not have parking lots?

3. At one point they cut to a date where they're leaving a movie theatre and he's holding a giant teddy bear. So did they go to the movies or the carnival? Was it an uber-date? I'm so confused.

4. "I was young..." Isn't JoJo, like, 17?

5. Why is her boyfriend at a party drinking a beer? Isn't JoJo, like, 17?

6. Why did JoJo need a ticket to Saturday's soccer game when the stands are EMPTY?

Doesn't the home team wear white?

The end confuses me the most. Obviously he misses the goal because he's a dick of a boyfriend, but I'm a little fuzzy on the details. Is it because she isn't there to support him? Does it start to rain because she's throwing out his stuff? This video is a nuanced tale of karma, and I need to decipher its meaning in order to garner the valuable life lesson.


Anonymous mike said...

First of all, I've got to say, this JoJo girl is not doing it for me. Pop princesses have lost all their sluttiness since the 90's. We've gone from naughty schoolgirls wanting you to hit them one more time (Britney) and casual sex on the beach (Christina Aguilera) to highschool relationships so exclusive he can't talk to other girls? Admittedly, he's supposed to be a "player"--and I think the goal thing is about his "game" not working with her--but if he's such a player let's see him doing more than chatting, you know. This is MTV! Or if there's no sex, there should be more angst than just "I saw him chatting with another girl so I threw away the teddy bear he gave me and then stood in the rain." I'm thinking of Avril Lavigne. I miss Avril.

12:52 AM  
Anonymous James said...


Only you would think this deeply about a video by a 17-year old claiming that she "was young and in love" ... I love it!

That five hour ride ws awesome! I'd never had a more fierce leg cramp. This includes my four years of running the 400 too!

1:38 PM  

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