Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I have the power!

He-Man is awesome. I love He-Man. Not so much now, but when I was growing up...He-Man was king. The best part of living in the age of the Internet is that things like YouTube can offer you gems like this:

Things I love about this intro:

1. He-Man punches us. Right in the face.
2. A buff guy in a pink shirt transforms into a scantily-clad bronzed version of himself = gay enough. The fact that his secret powers are "fabulous" = priceless.
3. He-Man's inability to talk without a reverberating echo. "Masters of the Univerrsssseee!"
4. The theme music. Why don't they make theme music like this anymore? It's so kick-ass. Seriously, I want them to play this song at my funeral as they carry my casket down the aisle. And at in wedding. In fact, I want to pay someone with a big boombox to play it every time I enter a room.

Did you know that originally the Masters of the Universe were evil? It's true. Check it out:


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