Wednesday, May 23, 2007

First comes love, then comes some other stuff

So I just discovered my past couple posts hadn't posted. I don't know why that was, exactly, but they seem to be up now. Personally, I blame the Democrats.

You know what phenomenon I don't understand? The dating phenomenon. We seem to live in a cultural machine obsessed with dating. I mean, seriously. I turn on the television: ads for dating. I open my Intenret browser: ads for dating. There must be some very lonely people out there, to justify this proliferation. Is the solitude of your own company really that intolerable?

I'll admit, I probably don't date as much as I "should." It's something of a chronic problem, I suppose. I just don't like most people, and I've found most girls I've dated to be something of a disappointment, ultimately. Not their own fault. I just don't see the point in a relationship sans some sort of spark. And in the case of the few girls I've truly liked, I was either too insecure at the time to realize they liked me back or else was hindered by the existence of current boyfriends. Either marry the girl or get out of the way of DESTINY, fellas.

But my real point in all this is: is it really hard to meet people? I don't think so. I don't date that much, and yet I have no trouble getting dates when I want to. I don't understand the existence of this apparently wide demographic of individuals who so desperately want to date yet can't seem to find anyone to go out with. Maybe finding "Mr. Right" to go out with is a little trickier, but I don't see how a dating website is going to help. Attraction requires a little more than finding matching lists of your favorite books. If anything, one of the joys of a relationship is meeting someone with different interests so you can be exposed to something new.

In particular, Yahoo! had something the other day on "10 Pick-up Lines That Work" or something like that. I've made my dislike for pick-up lines pretty clear, either on this blog or the old one. They're such a stupid idea. I suppose there's a comfort in the concept of a pick-up line: that you could walk up to any woman and have her swooning in your arms with one wry comment. Here are some pick-up lines that have been known to work:

1. My annual income is over 100K.

2. My name is George Clooney.

3. I don't mind "the smell."

But the Yahoo! ones were the most obvious things you can imagine. "Comment on something nearby." No, really? Like if I see a cute girl at the supermarket I should ask her a question about produce (not melons, mind you)? If you really needed someone to tell you that, you should probably give up dating right now, because relationships only get more complicated from there.

Ultimately, I dislike the pick-up line because it's very premise is faulty, as is (in my opinion) much of the dating industry's. A pick-up line is a tool designed to help you introduce yourself to a beautiful woman you see on the street. This is a woman you know nothing about, other than the fact that she is attractive. Surely you've learned by this point in your dating life that just because a girl is cute by no means ensures she's worth talking to and, thereby, by no means ensures she's worth dating. It's an entire concept founded on superficiality. Personally, I only date people I already know. I've paid for too many boring dinners to have it any other way.


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