Monday, August 06, 2007

But in Narnia he'd only be 25

I was just entering The Screwtape Letters into my Facebook Books application. This is one of my favorite applications on Facebook. It offers you a podium to brag to the world just how many smart and intelligent books you read (except, of course, when you don't). Plus it provides a competitive rationale to read as many books as possible - so you can keep adding more and more entries to your profile. I do enjoy this demographic that treats reading like a competition. "I read this book in 3 days." "Well, I read it in an afternoon." Really. You read 900-pages of Harry Potter in an afternoon? Good for you. You should have tried spending some of that time in the sunshine instead. It's good for you.

Anyway, I just added The Screwtape Letters, and the lone user review observes, "This young author has definite potential." Are you joking? It's C.S. Lewis. And he's been dead for forty years. Sort of an important contributor to modern Christian literature. You should really look him up on Wikipedia.


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