Sunday, August 05, 2007

Dude, where's my credit card?

Over the weekend a friend of mine lost his credit card at a bar we went to, and he had to call his credit card company the next day and close the account so as to avoid any fraudulent charges. There's no real point to this story, other than it made me realize that Saturday and Sunday mornings must be credit card companies' bread-and-butter for customers calling in to close their accounts. That, and Mardi Gras. There are probably a lot of telecommunication centers in India that become heavily staffed during the 10 am - 2 pm EST timeslot.

A friend of mine once said you know it was a good Friday night when you can't remember what happened but there's $40 missing from your wallet. I guess she just saw the glass as half-full. Personally, I don't think a date rape-and-robbery is the makings of a good time.


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