Friday, August 03, 2007

That's me in the corner, that's me in the spotlight

Here's a quandry: why do they call it "losing your virginity?" You don't really "lose" it. It's not like, "Oh shit, I can't find my virginity!" I suppose you lose it insofar as you once had it and now you don't, but the term "lost" implies that you want to find it again. Lost keys. Lost wallet. Lost Ark. To say nothing of the entire cast of Lost. And really, I don't know many people keen to get their hands back on their virginity...some Catholic girls, maybe.

I can tell you, from a legal terminology standpoint, it should really be referred to as "abandoning your virginity." Property, ie virginity, that is "lost" is property the rightful owner intends to continue to assert ownership over, having lost it involuntarily and through negleigence. Property that is "abandoned," however, is property the owner "intentionally and voluntarily relinquishes all right, title, and interest in." That last one is particularly important. Once you lose your virginity, do you remain interested in it? I don't think so. The only problem here is that "abandoning your virginity" seems to imply a conscious commitment to a life of celebacy, rather than its otherwise intended meaning.


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