Thursday, August 02, 2007

We're better than London Bridge

Remember me? Now that I've got the bar behind me and nothing to do except apply for jobs, I suppose it's time to see if I can revitalize the whole blogging thing again. Right now I'm reading Jeremy Blachman's Anonymous Lawyer and I'm partly wishing I'd been able to turn my law blawg into a post-law school career, too (even though the book's not exactly a work of literary note).

I feel like I should say something about the Mississippi bridge that collapsed yesterday. First of all, clearly, I wasn't on it. I was a little disappointed that none of my friends outside Minnesota bothered to find out if I was on the bridge or was, in fact, okay, but I guess they're just hoping to get dibbs on my surround sound system if I go the way of the Dodo.

Anyway, to be perfectly honest, I find myself oddly unaffected emotionally by this catastrophe. I'd feel worse about that if most of my friends felt different. Some of my friends started making jokes about how inconvenient life will be without the vital artery connecting Minneapolis with the lands north of the river, while others kept texting and emailing me to make sure I was safe. I think the difference is whether you use the bridge or not. My friends who used it with some frequency seemed to be more upset by its collapse than those of us that didn't. There's another bridge I use to cross the Mississippi every week, and if that one had gone down I'd probably be thinking, "My god, that could have been me on there." But in my three years here I've probably used the 35W bridge maybe five times (although I did use it three days ago).

I was feeling bad about not being more upset, so today I went down to get a first-hand look at it. I thought maybe if I saw the bridge in all its collapsed glory it might sink in emotionally (no pun intended). Unfortunately, the rescue operation was still going on so they'd blocked off most of the vantage points. Here's the best I could do:

This would have irked me much less if I hadn't found out tonight that Matt Lauer and the Today Show are broadcasting from the bridge tomorrow morning. I mean, seriously? I live here and I'm not allowed to go down to witness the havoc wreaked upon my fair city, but let's be sure to cordon off a five-block radius so faux-news poster child Matt Lauer can fly down from New York and get a first-hand look. The guy's probably never even been to the Midwest, let alone Minneapolis, but now he smells a story, so he's gotta rush down here and pretend like he gives a shit...New Orleans, anyone (again, no pun intended)? If he doesn't once use the word "terrorism" tomorrow (if only to dismiss the possibility thereof) I'll buy you a brand new pony.


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