Sunday, September 23, 2007

Clap your hands say yeah

Hillary Clinton did it. She really did it. To think, some said it couldn't be done. But let this be a lesson to the naysayers, because Hillary stepped up to the plate and hit one right out of the park. That's right. Today, on Meet the Press, she managed to say something that actually made me WANT to vote for her for President...or, at the least, managed to say something that DIDN'T make me NOT want to vote for her.

Don't get me wrong. I like Hillary. I do. Do I think she should win the Democratic nomination? Meh. But if she does, there's at least a 90% chance I'll be voting for her (although that Sam Brownback fellow is just so charming!). That being said, my affinity for her is based entirely on past goodwill. First Lady-ing and such. In fact, the Clinton campaign has been an astounding act of politicking, insofar as from the moment Hillary started running for President (whenever you define that moment to be) she has demonstrated a complete inability to say something that makes me want to vote for her.

Example: sometime in late 2004-early 2005 (or was it late 2005-early 2006? Doesn't matter) Hillary gave a speech before the NAACP in which she declared that the Republicans ran Congress "like a plantation." Now, I don't like Republicans, and I don't like plantations, but I don't really know what that means, either. All I know is, when you're talking to a group of black people, plantation = bad, and pandering = good. There are other examples (her various bouts with Barack I find particularly uncompelling) but suffice it to say that, as I mentioned early, Hillary has not said one thing since she started running for President that made me like her. If anything, I find everything that comes out of her mouth off-putting. She's sort of like Britney Spears: I liked her until she started talking. Y'all.

But today Hillary broke that trend. Tim Russert asked her about the "Petraeus or Betray Us" poster from MoveOn.Org, and Hillary did something I never thought she'd do: she criticized the tactics of the uber-left wing. Granted, she did it under the umbrella of criticizing all political angles which question patriotism, but she did it. She said it was wrong. She said it was inappropriate. And it was. There are certainly valid criticisms to be made concerning Dave's testimony. But to accuse one of our soldiers - to say nothing of one of the few commanders on the ground who ever really seemed to grasp the nature of counterinsurgency - of treachery because you're frustrated with his conclusions is pretty out-of-line, and certainly a far cry from productive. Way to once again sap Liberal America of mainstream credibility, MoveOn.Org.

So well done, Hillary Rodham Clinton. An intelligent woman! Now I've seen everything.*

Marge: "Jane Goodall Ape Sanctuary." Isn't that sweet, he named it after his wife!
Lisa: No, Mom, Dr. Goodall is a woman.
Marge: Well, now I've heard everything.


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