Friday, October 05, 2007

Alice's Adventures Through the Blog Window

One of the interesting things about blogs is finding out that some people you barely know are actually pretty funny. Although, yes, eyes are rather stunning, it is blogs that are the true windows to the soul. I haven't noticed this so much with the blogs of people I went to college with. They've been pretty dull. But several people from high school have blogs that I find fairly amusing and make me wish I'd gotten to know them better. I'm not really surprised I find this girl's blog amusing, since I was on Forensics with her and knew her to be pretty zany. Besides, if you did high school forensics, you're DESTINED to be cool.

I don't think I said two words to this girl in high school. But, and forgiving the fact that she eventually trolled my old blog until I figured out who she was, she really does write one of the best blogs I've ever read. It's a near-always near-perfect blend of intellect and humor, even when I'm not particularly interested in her little theater festival thingie. It's too bad she thinks I'm a gay racist (sort of a doppelganger for Tim Hardaway the Black Homophobe, I guess*) because I bet she's a fun person to hang out with.

* The Gay Racist and the Black Homophobe = great idea for a sitcom.

The real person who inspired me to write this post, however, is this guy. The Brown guy.** I ran Track with this guy (in fact, he was the anchor on my first 4x400 relay!). But the only thing I really remember him saying was something that involved mocking people with backne...and as somebody who was unfortunate enough to grow up with a pretty hideous case of acne, I recall finding it more hurtful than amusing. But. He started a blog recently and I find it to be pretty funny stuff, like his post concerning the virtues of Cocoa Butter (which for real, none of my black friends will shut up about). Makes me wish I'd known him better . But I didn't. Instead I spent the first half of high school staying at home and reading crappy fantasy novels when I wasn't picking at my acne. It'll take some effort, but I urge you NOT to be jealous.

** Michael Scott: Why don't we just defer to
Black Dude: Mr. Brown.
Michael Scott: Ah. Ooooooh! Alright, okay. First test! I will not call you that.
Black Dude: Well, it's my name, it's not a test, okay?


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You did NOT just diss WoT. Too soon.

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