Sunday, October 14, 2007

I'd rather be playing with Jello-o-o!

Today Bill Cosby was on Meet the Press, talking about his new book. I'm pretty neutral on Bill Cosby, but he really shouldn't have been on Meet the Press. I found his intellectual discourse both slow and meandering, which are the two factors I most frequently use to judge one's level of intellectual discourse. At the least he could have rocked one of those fabulous sweaters.

At several points he talked about the significant punishment discrepancies between cocaine users and crack cocaine users. For real, hasn't somebody solved this problem yet? This was a recognized issue back when I was in high school. Yet here we are seven years later. How hard can it be? Is there really some profound rationale behind the distinction that I just haven't been introduced to yet? Or is Bill right when he says people have just become apathetic to this kinds of problems? I also don't understand why black people don't just use the powder instead...but then, I don't really know much about cocaine (except it's a rockin' song by EC. Can you dig it?).

On an unrelated note, could Elisabeth Hasselbeck look more unattractive than she does in this picture? Maybe if she started talking.


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