Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'd rather take the LSAT at the DMV

Today I went to the DMV. When I was studying for the LSAT they had this joke that five out of six lawyers say they'd rather stand in line at the DMV than take the LSAT again.* Now I've taken the LSAT, and it's no fun, but that statement posses a degree of exaggeration that is just plain unreasonable. I'd much rather take the LSAT again (so long as my score didn't count). At least with the LSAT you at least have the illusion that you've some control over your misery. At the DMV you can only stand there and take it. It didn't help that I apparently was assigned to The New Guy. You know you're in trouble when you hand the guy your form and he spends five minutes reading it. Over and over. And over.

* Wouldn't a real lawyer be motivated enough to get at the DMV early enough to avoid the line? This one was.

Plus, when you're done with the LSAT, you're feelin' good. Leaving the LSAT with my roommate in his Audi, driving to the liquor store and listening to Steely Dan...there are so many good things about that memory. Not so the DMV. The whole time I felt like I was being berated for not filling out my form correctly.

On the positive side, there was a restaurant outside the DMV called "Hamdi's Restaurant."** Any relation? I don't know. But America is the Land of Possibilities.

** "You can get whatever you want, at Hamdi's Restaurant!"


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