Thursday, October 11, 2007

If it walks like a duck, if it engages in the deliberate, systematic destruction of an ethnic or religious group like a duck...

This Armenian bill actually presents an interesting problem. I'll admit, I'm enjoying Congress basically saying "fuck you" to the President, especially after all the times he basically said "fuck you" to Congress (You want to withdraw troops? I say we send more!).

My initial inclination, of course, was to think Bush was an asshole. Congress shouldn't recognize Ottoman genocide of Armenians 90 years ago because it might hinder your global warmongering? Wow, that's some moral high ground you're standing on there, GW. But of course the President actually has a meritorious point. There's a political reality that needs to be admitted here. We can't call Turkey an asshole and then ask for their help. You're supposed to do it the other way. Get their help and then call them an asshole. Here's looking at you, Iran.

It's unfortunate, really. If it's genocide, it's genocide. We should admit it. As Toby says on The West Wing, "It's fanaticism whether we call it that or not, so were going to call it that." And it's a pretty terrible thing. But Turkey is what passes for a key "ally" in any Middle Eastern strategy the United States is likely to embark on, and pissing them off isn't a winning tactic. It's principle versus reality.


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