Thursday, October 04, 2007

I'll have my racism on the side, please

I just had a slightly disturbing experience. I came home and was doing a little light reading in my living room when someone started blasting rap music through the wall next door. That wasn’t the disturbing part. Although apparently it disturbed one of the kid’s roommates, because I heard him instruct Minneapolis’ Most Wanted to “turn that fucking nigger shit down.” Hmm. Now I don’t much care for rap music either, and I do think society has become a little too PC, particularly in regards to what white people can and can’t say concerning various racial demographics, BUT. I think we can all agree that “Turn that fucking nigger shit down” has no place in a 2007 vocabulary. I’ll be honest, I find myself increasingly surprised by the number of people who still say “nigger” for fear it might one day go out of style. Check the fashion mags, sweetheart. It already has.

It really is a pretty terrible word. Nigger. Just thinking it makes me feel sort of disgusting inside. A lot of that has to do with the history and connotations associated with it, obviously, but I think a lot of it also has to do with the word itself. It’s just not a pleasant-sounding word. Some racial slurs are fun. Gook. Macaca. Mulatto. I like Mulatto. It’s a fun word. Reminds me of “Mojito.” But nigger, that’s not a fun word.

What made all this sort of ironic was that at that moment the book I was reading was, as it happens, A Matter of Law, the memoir of Robert Carter, who was Thurgood Marshall’s chief lieutenant in the NAACP, a major architect behind the Brown litigation, etc etc. Very good book, by the way. It wouldn’t have hurt Bobby C. to compose his sentences a little more fluidly (yeah, yeah, people in glass houses…), but he nevertheless gives an objective while still honest appraisal of the various racial hurdles he encountered in his lifetime. I intend to give it ***** in my Facebook Books application…and people who know me know I don’t mess around when it comes to my Facebook Books application. Nigga please.


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