Saturday, October 13, 2007

Serves you right for liking Hannah Montana

The Man is sticking it to Hannah Montana fans. Tickets to her concert tour sold out in minutes...only to be resold at exorbitant prices by the evil brokers who originally bought at $63 a pop. Apparently Minneapolis was hit particularly hard - at least, it's mentioned in this article and there was a little blurb about it on the MN news last night. Is this the part where I say that's the free market for you, or does it come later?

Hannah's dad is on board with me: "There is a law of supply and demand, and ... quite frankly, it's beyond our control. We put together a concert tour, and I was really excited about Miley going out and playing for the fans," he said. "That's what her tour is about. It's for the kids and all the families that are watching Hannah Montana." Yeah, I can tell it's all about the kids. That's why you've taken such a laissez-faire attitude while all the kids learn what it's like to get screwed with their pants (skirts?) on.

"It's beyond our control." For real, does this guy not have lawyers? The legal solution to this problem is so simple. Whenever you buy a ticket, you're essentially forming a contract, and whether you're aware of it or not, that contract is limited by terms of use. For example, I doubt movie theaters let you carry a firearm into their movies. Same with a concert ticket. So all you have to do is insert a clause in the terms of use whenever someone buys a concert ticket that reads something like, "You agree not to resell this ticket at a cost greater than 10% of its original value." Problem solved. They should pay me for this shit. Oh wait, they do.


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