Saturday, October 06, 2007

Sometimes you eat the bar...

I'm not used to being wrong, but it does happen. Turns out I passed the bar. So now you should all be bery bery afwaid, because now I can sue you (so long as you reside in Minnesota or else have "continuous and systematic" contacts with the state).

However, I don't feel like talking about that. I feel like talking about this. I didn't do a deserved rant on Mahmoud's visit to New York last week because...I don't really know. I think all the Ivies are overrated (Harvard = seven letter word for "overrated") but it does often feel like Columbia in particular is on a personal quest to make me not respect it. Inviting a guy to our country so we could call him an asshole. Such high-minded debate! Such mature conduct! Pseudo-intellectuals unite!

Anyway, the SNL video is funny. If you read the video description you'll learn that the video is NOT, in fact, recommended by, so if that kind of thing is important to you, you should probably avoid it. What is you're probably wondering. No naturally, I had to go visit that site. Not disappointed. Here's what Parrish has to say about himself (herself? I don't know what gender that name is):

First and foremost, I am a strong Conservative. I have implicit faith in the Capitalist system. I am a registered Republican, but my personal beliefs are even more conservative than those generally held by Republicans. My slogan, “Always Right,” is a play on words because it has two meanings: Always Right, as in not wrong, and Always Right, as in not Left, or Liberal.

Wow. "Always Right." Some points...

1. Never heard that joke before.
2. Really needed it explained to me. Thanks!

And to think, some liberals consider conservatives to be stupid!


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