Sunday, November 25, 2007

"Forsake not an old friend, for a new one does not compare with him"

This weekend was Thanksgiving. I got to hang out with some high school people I haven’t seen in a while, which was cool. It was implicated by some that I would gripe on my blog about how the Organizer (who shall remain nameless) established the rendezvous for 8 pm and then failed to show up until 11, and normally I would, since 8 is a pretty lame time to meet at a bar. Except my posse called me at 7:30 and said, “Dude, we’re not doing anything right now anyway. Let’s just go.” Since all I was doing was kicking ass at West Wing trivia (more on this later) I wasn’t really in a position to disagree.

In the Organizer’s (again, still nameless) defense, he picked a better bar than other people wanted to go to. Apparently there was some behind-the-scenes dispute as to the quality of his selection, but I had no complaints. I certainly thought it was better than where we ended up. Some place called Martini? Manhattan? It was the Ann Arbor equivalent of a New York-style bar: funky lights, loud music, and (most important) poor beer selection. I don’t like the real thing in NYC, so the small town simulacrum did not fair much better in my opinion.

Here are some other fun things that happened:

1. We got a new puppy (although we don’t technically “get” him until my parents get back from some exotic location in mid-December). The breeder named him “Freddie,” so we spent much of the weekend trying to come up with a new name. We’d like to keep the “fr” theme so as to avoid his confusion. So far we’ve got Frito, Frodo, and Fredo, although I think the last sounds like a European pervert. My dad tastefully suggested we just rename him Boomer.

2. I tried to start preparing my mom psychologically for the possibility that I might have to stay in Minneapolis for Christmas due to work…an attempt she rebuffed (rebuffed, I tell you!). On the plus side, I also told her all I wanted for Christmas was money, so at least there won’t be many packages to ship…although I suggested she could divide up the amounts to make it seem more festive. Five dollars here, ten here, $50,000 over there.

3. I joined the “Addicted to West Wing” Facebook group, and am currently ranked 5th out of 700 people in West Wing trivia. I should be ranked higher, but some of the questions are poorly-worded. Example: How many grandchildren does the President have? The Question Writer thinks the answer is two, but at the end of season 7 Ellie is pregnant. Does this qualify as a grandchild? Clearly these people are neither professional test-writers nor, more importantly, lawyers.

4. Last, I introduced my mom to Facebook. She thought it was pretty neat, although she only seemed to grasp one of the three main features Facebook provides: (1) find/catch up with old friends, (2) plan events with your current friends, and (3) provide a platform for me to find pictures of girls I know to masturbate to. You might think that last one is really crude, but it’s the truth, and all my male friends agree. You girls must know it, too, else why would you post so many pictures of yourselves in bikinis kissing each other? Some of my friends have transformed Facebook into a virtual cornucopia of masturbatory material.

I didn’t discuss any of this with my mother, of course. I only discussed the first function, the ability to reconnect with friends from high and elementary school. And it is pretty neat for that. We often say about some of the relatives in my family that you could drive out to visit them, say hi, exchange hugs, and then turn back around and go home, because once you’re there there isn’t a whole lot of interaction. The same could be said of some of my high school peeps. This weekend reminded me that there are some people I actually want to talk to and hang out with, and others who I like to find out what they’re doing but don’t have any particular interest in engaging. Facebook (stalking) offers that ability.

My mom thought it was great because you could use it to get in touch with old acquaintances who live in the same city, but I really haven’t used it for that. There are 4-5 people from my high and elementary schools who live in Minneapolis and who I have found on Facebook, but I’ve never bothered to hang out with any of them. Maybe once they’ve all moved I’ll feel different. When I was in college a girl from my high school lived 40 minutes away and I never visited her. But when she worked in Chicago for one summer I took a day off work and drove 4 hours to see a Justin Timberlake concert with her. I guess distance breeds something something.


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