Monday, December 10, 2007

Notes from the workplace, part II

Working life has changed my perspective on all sorts of shit. Here are just two examples:

1. Older women. There used to be a time when I was against couples of considerable age differentials. Admittedly my opinion was probably negatively influenced by high school and college, where the girls would put out for older guys but insist it was because "older guys are just so much more mature." Right, sweetheart, because you're so mature yourself. I don't care what your biology textbook told you about comparative gender development, I've been more mature than 90% of the girls in my class since I was about 3, so it's always been hard for me to swallow the argument that girls (more so high school and college girls) are attracted to maturity as opposed to, say, various incarnations of social power.

Hey, here's a fun fact: in high school all the girls in my class put out for the older guys and then complained when we all started dating younger girls. Hypocritical much?

But working life has changed my opinion on that, and I know Mike will like this part. Because, on the downside, all the women I work with are basically over 30. On the plus side, they're all basically over 30. I have been finding myself extra attracted to the stilleto-clad beauties that march past the coffee machine for what can only be described as the sole reason that they are older than me. Hmmm. Interesting. What is this sensation?

2. Presidential primaries. For a long time I thought I was leaning towards Obama in the Democratic primary. If we accept the paradigm that the race between him and Hillary is about vision and optimism versus experience, I (as I suspect many among the younger generations) were willing to dismiss Hillary's insistence on experience. Experience? Humbug! You can figure this stuff out on the job. Raw talent is more important than how many free throws you've taken.

Having entered the working world, however, I'm not so sure. It's amazing how I can be so competent at what I do and yet essentially fuck up at work for the sole reason that I'm raw and, therefore, not particularly experienced. I stumble. I get flustered. So I'm getting a new respect for the importance of experience--a respect school did not instill in me, given how very not impressive all the seniors and 3Ls were. I'm not saying I'm voting for Hillary, but getting my ass kicked a couple times has given me more appreciation for the validity of the experience argument.


Anonymous Mike said...

One viewpoint on "this sensation" of older women: They really do improve with age. But not because the individual women themselves improve, but because higher "quality" women become increasingly obtainable as they leave their twenties. I honestly think it's fascinating that you can take a supremely attractive and intelligent 22 or 23 year-old woman, who can be just as picky as she could possibly want, and add six or seven years to her age, and if she's still single (and if she's intelligent and career-oriented she very well may be), her standards for mate suitability drop through the floor. This, despite the fact that, from a blunt evolutionary standpoint, she is the exact same genetic product, minus some childbearing years. Those years would be crucial in the days when most babies died or were eaten by large animals, but since it's hard to NOT have healthy babies these days, even for women in their thirties, it's a psychologically-ingrained factor that isn't actually applicable. So yeah I think that's interesting. So maybe the moral is that if you want to find yourself the "best" (details like do you love each other, etc., aside) wife and mother you can possibly hope for, look for women around 30? Mr. Law Revue may have come upon the mother lode. So to speak.

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