Monday, December 17, 2007

Notes from the Workplace, Part III

In Legally Blonde Elle Woods says something to the effect that all law students are ugly. That's not entirely true. Certainly I'm Exhibit A for just how handsome a law student can be. The truth of the matter is that law students are really pretty average. There certainly aren't many lookers among the cadres of Mondale Hall, but the ranks aren't filled with creatures from the black lagoon, either. I'll admit there does seem to be a genetic disposition towards the more unattractive end of the sexual spectrum, but anyone who's ever sat in a law class will probably agree that a good shampoo and clothes that don't look like they're from the goodwill are probably half the battle.

Here's another thing I've learned at work, though. I now get the opportunity to interact with girls who went to different law schools than me. And I've discovered that as a general rule at the less-reputable law schools (or rather, "less-reputable"), the girls who are more attractive are MUCH more attractive. But, at the same time, the girls who are less attractive are MUCH less attractive. It's a pretty assholic observation, but that quality doesn't negate it's truth.


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