Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Put a smile on your face

You wanna know something that makes me feel sad? Pictures of young lovers. You'd think it'd have the opposite effect. I've been flipping through some of my friends' pictures of themselves with their boyfriends/girlfriends on Facebook, and you'd think I'd be able to write, "They look cute together." But they don't. Honestly, some of them look like they are having the most mediocre time imaginable. Standing next to each other with generic smiles--they look like siblings posing for the family Christmas card. Come on, guys! You're young, and in love! You should be kissing and wrapping your arms around each other, sporting the kind of laugh we can hear through the picture. You should be having a good time! But for real, it doesn't look like you are. One of my friends has posted about 20 pictures of herself with her boyfriend, and they look like they are seriously enjoying each other's company in exactly none of them. Granted, if they were laughing in all 20 I'd probably be writing right now about how tired I am of couples eternally trying to pretend like they're having such a great time. Just act normal!, I'd say. But I'm not saying that, because a lot of you look like you're trapped in an eternally mediocre time. If this is what you're like now, what are you gonna be like when you're 60?


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