Saturday, December 15, 2007

When do I get to the fun part of being President?

You wanna know the worst part about being an "adult?" The amount of time and energy it takes just to keep all my shit in order. I've been an adult for only a couple months now, yet every night I come home to find a shitload of mail concerning stuff I didn't even know about. "Dear Mr. Law Revue, as a member of the Minnesota state bar, you are privileged to this..." "Dear Mr. Law Revue, as an employee of Thomson, you are entitled to this..." I have to dedicate my weekends to going through all this stuff, instead of watching basketball like I'd prefer. Thursday night I had to meet with the guys my company has provided me to help plan my investments and long-term assets. What investments? What assets? I feel like I'm still 22 and fresh out of school, and these guys across the table are talking to me about my house mortgage and retirement plans. It's exhausting. I feel like John Goodman in The West Wing:

"When do I get to the fun part of being President, Debbie? When do I get to fly around on Air Force One?"


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