Saturday, January 05, 2008

The Adventures of Argyle

So what's the deal with Argyle? First of all, isn't that a cool-looking word? Argyle. Sounds like it should be the name of some character in a crappy fantasy novel for 15-year-olds. Not that I know anything about those. "Argyle carefully drew forth the Emerald Blade, marveling as the torchlight caught the brilliant gemstones encrusted in the sword's hilt." Like I said. Crappy. Fantasy. Novel.

When I was growing up, nobody ever wore argyle. It seemed to me there was an unspoken consensus that argyle was dorky. But now it's everywhere. And what's more, I like it. Not so much in the above picture. But other times.

Example: Here's my buddy Todd rocking his favorite argyle sweater. As you can see, even the ladies like it:

If Carson Kressley were here, he'd probably tell you every man should have at least one argyle sweater in his closet in this, the Argyle Age. Of course, Carson Kressley also wears pants with cow spots on them, so what the hell does he know? Unless cow spots become the new argyle.


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