Monday, January 14, 2008

And on the eighth day God made Wikipedia

Anybody who knows me knows I love Wikipedia. As my membership in the pro-Wikipedia Facebook group attests, “If Wikipedia Says It, It Must Be True.” More than that, Wikipedia is the font of all knowledge. I believe in the future Wikipedia will replace the Bible as the epicenter of Western religion. No longer will we be regaled with boring tales of Genesis and Eden and how women went ahead and fucked everything up for the rest of us. No, in the future there will be only one sentence: In the beginning, there was Wikipedia. Our future little Jerry Falwells will preach of ancient times in which there was only a magical tome, from which all things eventually sprung; our future little Steven Spielbergs will make movies about evil men who are bent on recovering the lost Wiki, the source of all knowledge that will endow them with amazing power and unending wisdom.

That’s the future. I’ve seen it. More importantly, I’ve read about it on Wikipedia.


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