Monday, January 14, 2008

A black person in a suit? Now I've seen everything!

So it’s been a wee while since I updated this thing. I meant to write on it a couple of times over the weekend, but for whatever reason didn’t. Now all my posts will be tragically out of date. Oh well. Here come a couple of things I meant to write about last week:

I kind of wish people wouldn’t talk so much about how amazing and historic the Iowa caucus was. Every time I have to hear someone say how far we’ve come as a nation that so many white people voted for a black dude, all I can think to myself is how far we HAVEN’T come. We really need to pat ourselves on the back over this? Really? You really didn’t think we could find a large number of white people who would vote for a black dude? Do we really have such little faith in our fellow Americans? (Polling says yes.) The real testament to how far we’ve come as a nation will be when nobody bothers to notice how far we’ve come as a nation.

Quite frankly, the historicality of Barack Obama’s Iowa victory notwithstanding, I sort of wish he wasn’t black. I wish we could spend more time on his policies and political approach, instead of getting bogged down about his skin color. Maybe the reason all these white people voted for Obama was because he’s tried to be the American candidate, instead of the African-American candidate. Seriously, this just reminds me of how little I respect black voters. You shouldn’t respect them, either. Wanna know why? They’re single-issue voters. They don’t care about national security or health care or abortion or the role of the federal government. They just care about “black issues.” Be in favor of affirmative action and congratulations, you have now secured the black vote. Good job. Now go have some fried chicken.


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