Sunday, January 06, 2008

I heart Huckaby

Facebook, in a desperate attempt to prove its relevancy and therefore marketability, has teamed with ABC this primary season to provide users with a platform to "express" themselves on presidential politics. "Based on the debate, do you think a Democratic President could keep America safe from foreign threats?" one poll asks. "No," says Alison MacNeill of the Academy Of Our Lady Of Good Counsel. Why? Because "these Democratic candidates are all week." Is that some sort of metaphor, or did you just misspell?

Not content to simply ask your opinions, Facebook is also providing a forum to promote discussion on user initiative. "Bush will be remembered as one of the greatest presidents of all time," assures one poster. "Barack = Hitler!" informs another.

But my personal favorite is from Terry Huckaby of Houston, Texas (check out his tasteful profile picture) who poses the inquiry: "Can you imagine how BAD things would be if Al Gore would have been in the White House on 9/11!!!!" Interesting. Would you care to offer support for that, or is this just a place to pontificate on broad, unsubstantiated statements? "If the Dems were in office on 9/11 they would have rolled over and gave [Grammar Police say: given] away our country," says Terry. Broad, unsubstantiated statements it is, then.

To be fair, I think Mr. Huckaby is making a fair point. Here are just some of the things I think would be going on right now if Al Gore had been President:

1. Osama bin Laden would still be at large.
2. Al Qaeda would have grown as an organization.
3. International terrorism would have increased.
4. Our troops would be bogged down in a Somalia-like quagmire.
5. The spend-crazy Democrats would have wasted billions of dollars on failed policies.
6. Our borders and ports would not be secure.
7. The Iranian nuclear threat would still not have been neutralized
8. If the North Korea threat HAD been neutralized, it would probably have been the result of negotiations and diplomacy, because Democrats would rather talk to (read: appease) our enemies than kill them. I'm envisioning here something like the 1994 Agreed Framework under Clinton where we pay North Korea not to develop nuclear weapons.

Thank God none of that actually happened. Can you IMAGINE?

On the other hand, we'd probably have policies in place to address global warming. I guess it was a fair trade-off.


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What's it like to be smarter than everybody else?

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