Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Obama Girl, Eat Your Heart Out

Obama won two more primaries last night. I'm at a point where I'm at least 60% certain Barack Obama will be our next President. That number might not sound impressive, until you remember that there are three major contenders in the race. I'm officially more certain than not we'll all be saluting President Obama within a year. And that ain't bad.

I'm awake this early because I'm feeling depressed and couldn't sleep. But this news about Obama (and some Bicardi) has made me feel so much better. A friend of mine lists Obama as one of her five celebrities she's allowed to cheat on her boyfriend with, which I initially thought was kind of stupid (and a waste of a slot of the list) . Another girl says Obama is the first candidate in her political life who doesn't make her feel like she's compromising. And even though I can't have sex with him, I too have become a full-fledged convert. I'm drinking the Kool-Aid, straight from the carton. In fact, I think I'm in love with Barack Obama. I know I'm guilty of everything his detractors complain about. I am projecting all my aspirations onto him. I haven't really thought through all of his policies. But somehow I don't care. Every time Hillary criticizes him for being strong on speech and short on substance, I find myself getting defensive. Don't get bitchy just because no one wants to come to your party, Hillary.

Yes, this is just like being in love. This is like my heart getting hard.


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