Thursday, February 07, 2008

(Won't) See You at the Coffee Shop

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There’s a Caribou Coffee in my building at work. I never go there, because there’s usually a line and it’s overpriced and I don’t like coffee made from caribou, but I do have to pass it on my way to get to the free crap stuff that my company offers (trust me, there’s a reason it’s free). Is there some sort of requirement that girls who work in coffee shops must be little cutie pies? I think so. It’s really such a cliché, with their aprons and polos and blond ponytails sticking out behind their baseball caps.

Speaking of cliché, Mike thinks I should start buying coffee I don’t want at Caribou just to strike up a conversation with some of them and see how far the sparks doth fly. Didn’t I already see like 12 Meg Ryan movies where that was the plot? I think there’s something kind of generally inappropriate about hitting on girls while they’re at work. The other day I was rockin' it at Banana Republic doing an exchange (they’re having a sale, if you aren't in the know) and not to brag, but the sales girl and I definitely had a moment. And I almost asked for her number, even preparing to pivot to the always-witty, “And if you say no, I’ll have to speak to your manager.” Then I remembered that would make me fucking awesome a cad.

But seriously, I did speak with her manager. Not giving out your number is just bad customer service.

In other news, as you can see, I just discovered always knew about and have decided to start using copiously the strikethrough feature.


Blogger Swami Says said...

You understand I've been trying to figure out the strike through feature since I started blogging over two years ago. And by "figure out" I mean I always wished I knew how to do it but thought that the information would suddenly manifest itself in my mind. Anyways, do tell. I promise to never write another blog without it.

11:23 PM  
Blogger Law Revue said...

Apparently you edit the HTML the same way you would to make text italicized or bold, except instead of using i or b you use s.

9:35 AM  
Anonymous Mike said...

1. Everyone but Law Revue knows no one really just buys coffee for $3. You're buying the atmosphere, the free wi-fi, the perky young baristas, and the pleasant and authentic-seeming social interaction with the perky young baristas. This is not a big mystery. A cup of coffee costs like twenty cents.
2. I move to suspend further bragging by Law Revue about female encounters that don't actually result in any meaningful interaction. You can't have it both ways: You can't criticize the concept of hitting on salesgirls and then brag about the almost-there attempt to do so. My opinion.

2:37 PM  

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