Saturday, March 15, 2008

Southern Women Are My Favorite (And Not The Way You Think)

Since I work for a (inter)national company, my job has me interacting with all sorts of people every day. Tall people. Short people. White people. Black people. Here are some of the things I've learned so for:

1. I used to hate the phrase "Southern hospitality." Particularly when you consider the South's colorful (pun?) history with African-Americans. But every time I'm on the phone with a Southerner, they're always so courteous and polite. Texas. Arkansas. Louisiana. The Carolinas. Not so much New York. Every time I've dealt with an asshole, he's been from New York. What's up with that, New York? If you're really that stressed, maybe you should move to a new city.

2. You'll hear women complain that gruffness in a man is considered commanding, while gruffness in a woman is considered bitchy. Maybe. All I know is every time I've had to deal with an asshole, it's been a man...and his gruffness has been just that: gruff, rather than commanding. The women are always a polite delight. Here's to empathy and those superior social skills.

A Southern Bell(e):


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