Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Canada of Parking Lots

If you don't work at my company, you probably won't care about this. But parking at my office is ridiculous. There aren't even close to enough parking spots. Everyday I feel like I'm the victim of a cruel jest. I imagine my bosses watching from the top floor, smoking cigars and laughing as I go in circles around the parking lot, "The fool! He wants to come to work but he can't find anyplace to park!"

My company's solution to the parking (or lack thereof) problem has been to pave ever more satellite parking lots around the main campus, with shuttles constantly running back and forth (for which the environment thanks them). Nowadays I have to park in what I have dubbed the "Canada lot," since it's so far north I feel like I should have my passport with me.

When I first started working I asked why we didn't just build a parking garage. Apparently there's some tax issue that wouldn't make it economically feasible. We can afford to acquire one of the largest news organizations in the world and in the middle of a recession our Q1 profits are up 12% from last year (apparently one of the secrets is to not pay your lawyers very much). But we can't afford a fucking parking garage.


Anonymous Mike said...

Take mass transit, you American 'tard.

4:43 PM  
Blogger Law Revue said...

Didn't the dean fail you yet?

5:56 PM  

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