Saturday, May 31, 2008

KG Love

This post is not about the Pistons. The who? I'm unfamiliar with a basketball team by that name. What a bunch of fucking disappointments. I didn't even watch the game because of the warning in my heart. And while it's nice to see my prediction proven true, it's saddening to have my cynicism double as clairvoyance.

But I am happy for KG. The Minnesotan in me feels gladness for, rather than betrayal by, Kevin Garnett. He put the T-wolves on the map and stayed with a sinking ship for a decade. But like all players he was driven in the end by his lust for The Ring.* You can't fault him that. After years of disappointment you can only stay faithful to someone for so long before you turn to someone better.

* 'Go back!' he whispered.

'The Ring! The Ring!' they cried with deadly voices; and immediately their leader urged his horse forward into the water, followed closely by two others.

'By Elbereth and Luthien the Fair,' said Frodo with a last effort, lifting up his sword, 'you shall have neither the Ring nor me!'


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