Friday, May 16, 2008

Work Is Never Gayer

I love this video:

I can't get enough of it. I think it's even better than the original. The only thing is, it's really gay. I mean, really gay. "So what? What's wrong with that?" I didn't say there was anything wrong with that. I'm just pointing out that a duck's a duck, even when it's wearing "cute shoes." You're the one who assumed there was something wrong with it being gay. Who's the REAL homophobe, hmmm?

I think I most enjoy the comments section. Here we get an insight into masked insecurities and repressed desires. The dancers in the video claim, "I'll probably disappoint some of you but we're not gay... sorry guys :D [:D = very straight] In this video you can only see two brothers have fun." Totally. Me and my friends much prefer to strip down to the tiny, tight-fitting underwear we of course own and write on each other's hard, muscled, hairless bodies before we film ourselves performing choreography to a Daft Punk song. I can think of nothing straighter. Beer? Nah! Chicks? Who needs 'em? Sometimes we blow each other, but it's totally not gay. It's only two bros experiencing savoring reveling in each other's glorious, unbridled masculinity.

If this video isn't gay, it's definitely had a gay experience.


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