Sunday, June 29, 2008

I'll Space Your Chimp

Just came back from the movies. Here are some fun things I learned:

1. Fox is releasing a movie called Space Chimps. Sounds like a joke from The Simpsons. Be sure to look for the sequel: Space Chimps 2: Space Pimps.

2. In addition to doing television and talk radio, Glenn Beck apparently also does a comedy show. Isn't his television show already a comedy? Lord knows I laugh at with it.

3. Hulk is in fact mad, and Hulk truly does smash.

It's a beautiful day out, and I'm off to snap some photos. I don't often wish I was seriously dating someone, but these are the kind of days that try men's libidos souls. It'd be nice to share this day with somebody who meant something to me. It'd be nice to come home and say, "Hey, Pixley [my imaginary girlfriend is named Pixley; all cute girl names should end in y]: It's a beautiful day outside. Let's get your ass out of bed to experience it." I'd say it just like that, too. Why? Because I'm a romantic, see?


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