Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Socks and Common Sense Optional

I feel oddly pissed I'm not allowed to wear shorts or sandals at work. I knew that was going to be the deal going in, but... Get with it, guys! It's the 90s! And it's in the 90s!

It has always struck me as a fundamentally preposterous notion that in the middle of the global warming crisis, and now a gas crisis, American companies still expect their male workers to get dolled up for work. I could understand if I spent my day talking to clients. We have in the department what I like to refer to as "Dress-Up Day," which is the day we're all expected to get Dressed and Pressed when clients are coming to the office.

But most of my day is spent doing research at my desk and talking on the phone. Do I really need to wear slacks and a button-down for that? Have we not yet as a society mustered the common sense to abandon such superficial notions of professionalism? You can't judge what you can't see.

I'm going to a wedding this weekend where I'm expected to wear a blazer. Granted, it's a New England wedding. That means socks will be optional. Ralph Lauren ad, I who am about to sweat salute you!


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