Saturday, June 28, 2008

Unite For Change We Can Believe In

I just found out that one of the Obama Unite For Change House Parties is going to be held on my block tomorrow. I love Barack Obama. I don't really subscribe to his whole message of Change, but I still love him. I like the notion of change. I just don't think he can pull it off. Max Weber said that politics is the "slow boring of hard boards and that anyone who seeks to do it must risk his own soul." Change comes in excruciating increments for those who strive for it. It's bigger than any one man. Barack Obama may be one excruciating increment of change for man, yet still one giant leap of change for mankind.

One of the girls who sat at my table at the wedding is actually working in Media Relations for the Obama campaign's Chicago office. For one singular (and probably definitely drunken) moment I thought it might be fate, that my chance to give myself to something greater had at last come before me. When my parents were in town they chastised me for not contributing more to the Obama campaign. My mother was talking about how she was thinking about volunteering for Obama. She's become a real Obama-phile - she's got me reading Dreams From My Father right now; she was a little late to the party, but now that she's here she's really given herself up to it. And she's been thinking about volunteering. But she was saying how if she volunteered, she would want to have a position of substance in the campaign. She's educated, she's got managerial experience. She doesn't want to just go door-to-door. She wants to be PART of it all.

So my parents were on my case to volunteer as well. But I said the same thing. I'm educated. I'm smart. I'm a fucking lawyer. And I can compose a mean sentence when I've a mind (though this blog is rarely an indicator of that). If I was going to be part of the Obama campaign, it would have to be something substantive. For the first time in my life Obama has made me willing to dedicate my energy and myself to the service of the country that hath giveth (when it isn't taking away); even the fantasy of the opportunity fills me with optimism and excitement.

So at the wedding I was sitting at a table with someone who actually WAS contributing something substantive. And I thought, "Here is my chance. God has laid my fate before me. Rise up, young man, and take it." But then the blond girl to my right asked me if I had just said she was cute. Which would you choose?


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