Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My City Is Better Than Yours

Here's an interesting article: it says Minneapolis is one of the top five cities in which to accrue wealth. At the rock bottom of the list? New York, New York. It sounded so nice expensive they named it twice.

I sent the article to one of my college friends who currently lives there. I've been waging a half-hearted battle since college to get him to move out here, or at least leave that ridiculous city behind him. He's actually flying out here for my birthday, but while he's here he wants me to take him to a gay club and introduce him to the Minneapolis gay scene. Normally I don't like gay clubs. The couple times I've been in gay clubs I've found the queers to be a little condescending. They somehow think they're inherently more fabulous than us normals, just by being more flamboyant. I don't think so. That's like a guy in a yellow Hummer pulling up beside me and saying, "Dude, my car is so much better than your Audi." If by "better" you mean "more ostentatious and less classy," then yes, on that point I concede the high ground.

HOWEVER, if taking him to a gay club will convince my friend to move here, or at least that there's some semblance of gay life out here on Mars, then I'm willing to suck it up (wait, what?). The problem I have now is, I don't know where any of the gay clubs are. I think I stumbled past one once when I was drunk and disorderly downtown. I actually ran into one of my gay classmates from law school yesterday, but someone I had trouble working into the conversation, "Hey! You're gay! What would be a good club to take my out-of-town friend to?"

Does anyone know a "hot" (I believe that's the appropriate adjective) gay bar in Minneapolis? It's not for me; it's for this guy I know...


Blogger Andy Birkey said...

You've got several choices. The 19 Bar in Loring Park is a good hole-in-the-wall. People there are friendly, and it hopping most nights of the week. The Saloon downtown is a place you might run into some of the condescending attitude, but it is the 'hot' bar Thursday thru Sunday. The Gay 90s is generally a waste of time. The Minneapolis Eagle is an average-guy type of bar. The have 3-4-1 drinks on Fridays from 4-7 which is very popular. Jetset is a New York style gay bar. He'll feel right at home there. Pi in the Seward neighborhood is mainly women but can be a great time on Fridays and Saturdays.

Over in St. Paul, Camp is a nice place, kinda of classy without really trying. Innuendo is a great neighborhood bar and the Townhouse is pretty well mixed men and women with a Wednesday dollar drink night that's very popular.

9:45 PM  
Blogger Law Revue said...

Thanks. Some of those actually look familiar.

9:53 AM  
Blogger Blue Sky said...

Be careful with aforementioned friend. When he visited me in LA he took me to the GAYEST BAR EVER. I'm like you, I'm very tolerant of other lifestyles, and I'm comfortable enough in my own sexuality to hang out in gay bars. But it was almost too much when Mr. Aforementioned took his shirt off and started dancing on the bar... jk.

Have fun, I'm jealous I can't be there and hang out with you guys.

4:02 PM  

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