Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Chocolate City? Like Water For Chocolate!

New Orleans is sort of ridiculous right now. I read what would have been an otherwise hilarious article in the NYT that stated New Orleans officials are expected to issue a "mandatory evacuation order" on Sunday. Why is that otherwise hilarious? Because "at that point, residents would be told, though not physically forced, to leave New Orleans." Find, if you can, the etymological error in that sentence.

Today on CNN I was relieved to learn that many of those NOLA residents who were evacuating the city for Baton Rouge would also be able to catch the LSU game on their way out. Thank God for football!

Seriously, though, why would a human being live in New Orleans after Katrina? You might as well move onto the slopes of Mount St. Helen after 1980. One of my co-workers suggested one could ask a similar question as to why someone would choose to live in such a godawful climate like Minnesota. Please. You get cold, you put on a sweater. In New Orleans...I guess you put on a life preserver? I'm just glad billions of dollars weren't wasted restoring a city that would be drowned again in three years anyway.

In all seriousness, though, I know several people who currently live in New Orleans, and I hope they're safe.


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