Sunday, August 17, 2008

Don't Blame Me, I Didn't Vote!

It was such a nice day I went for a walk in my neighborhood today. Here are some fun things I discovered:

1. There's a coin laundromat about twenty blocks from where I live. Can you imagine such a thing? I mean, there's poverty, and then there's poverty!

2. I happened upon a small park located in the middle of a tiny traffic circle. Interestingly, it's called "Circle Park." Hmm. I wonder why.

3. A lot of people in my neighborhood have Al Franken and Obama 08 yard signs. They go nicely with the slightly-worn Kerry/Edwards signs they still have on display. Sometimes I feel like walking up to these people and explaining that, unfortunately, not only are Kerry and/or Edwards not on the ballot, but yes, they were in fact fucking losers four years ago.

Then I remember something my father told me. After the '84 election he bought a bumper sticker that read: Don't Blame Me, I Live in the District.

So I get it. You voted for Kerry. I won't blame you.


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