Thursday, August 28, 2008

Inspiration Is Most Audacious

I had intended to do day-by-day coverage 0f the DNC, but that plan sort of fell by the wayside. Right now I am watching Bill's speech on the NYT website, since I missed it yesterday. I even missed Barack's acceptance speech, since my office's annual office party was tonight. There was free booze, and one of my managers said he had a pool going that I would get the most drunk, so I wanted to do my part to make him proud. This is all by way of saying I am pretty drunk right now. And feeling pretty absolutely wonderful. About my office, my bosses, my co-workers, my job. About my life. But also about America. It's all converged into a perfect storm. The Democrats have rolled out some of their greatest members of my time this past week. The Kennedys. Bill. Biden. Obama. And maybe it's the booze, but I would never have thought four years ago that I could be as excited, as inspired, by my country as I am right now. I mean, my God, man. YES WE CAN. We can amend, we can reclaim the deterioration of moral leadership of the last eight years if we choose, if we elect, to band together as American brothers. We can shape it; we can reach out in November, and one-by-one we can change the fucking world. We can do better; yes, we can. I don't know if we can bridge the divide, but we can cross it--cross the gap of political partisanship that seems more designed to perpetuate itself, rather than to dissolve it. Vision is vision: it is universal; it knows no age, nor experience, nor Beltway babble; it is as real, as fundamental, as the curve of the earth itself.

Oh yeah, and no matter how much I agree with him politically, Keith Olbermann is still a douche.

Fun Fact: There is not better use of a buzz than utilizing it reading a couple chapters in Greenspan's book. Broaden your fucking mind.


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