Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Here's a rational question looking for a thoughtful response:

Barack needs to talk to his Communications Director about the concept known as "not accepting the premise of the question." Granted, he rejected one of the premises of that question. But there was another, antecedential (is this a word?) one. Let's review:

1. There are numerous attacks clearly being made on the African community, the black community. PREMISE STATUS = ACCEPTED.

2. Barack Obama has not had the ability, not one time, to speak to the interests, or speak on behalf of the interests of the oppressed and exploited: the black community or the African community. PREMISE STATUS = DENIED.

Average Black Man says: let's pigeonhole Barack Obama as the black candidate! That should win over those swing states!

On the other hand, I like Barack's response: If you don't like my position on black issues, vote for John McCain. Yeah, assuming Florida doesn't disenfranchise black voters. AGAIN.



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