Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Rules of Attraction

Today at work I start mentoring the Cute Mentee. She's pretty much what she sounds like; I try to give people obvious nicknames on this blog so you can figure out what they are without too much context (Library Girl, Dream Girl, "Mike," etc.). If D.G. went to a worse school than me, then the Cute Mentee went to a much worse one. On the other hand, she's a lawyer. She's got a better nose, but I like to think not as cute a smile. Eh, I guess it's a wash.

I miss the "good old days," before the puritanic values of America took root in our workplace. In an episode of 30 Rock a character says to Kenneth, "In those days, if you wanted to do something with another man, it wasn't gay; it was just two men, celebrating each other's strength." I miss the days when the occasional ass grab or innocent observation on the status of her proverbial "rack" wasn't sexual harassment; it was just complimenting her appearance. Everyone knows women find authority sexy; so I think it's fair to say that if I've got authority over you, you should have to sleep with me. Ipso facto. I don't write the rules of attraction; I'm their playtoy as much as anybody else.


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