Friday, September 05, 2008

A Shining Vision of America-To-Be

I could have been a speechwriter. After two straight weeks of listening to four speeches a day, I SHOULD have been a speechwriter. Check this out:

Each of our lives has converged into this singular, spectacular moment. Tomorrow when the convention is closed and our revels have ended we will all of us venture forth from these towering halls out into the world, scattered across America but bound together still by a shared purpose and recalling always our common cause: to transform a country in crisis back into the Land of the Free; to re-realize the vision first crafted by our Fore Fathers and molded by the men that followed them. Soon the chance for deliberation will be over, and we will have only a choice--the same old choice of every American Age, woven with new themes and fresh players: we will choose the next man to follow in their footsteps and bring his brand of America before the waiting eyes of history. Then our lives will converge again, and our common cause once more will bind us; as one we will pull the lever of our birthrights and shout out with a single voice. We will shout for equality and the empathy of compassion. We will shout for a shining vision of America-to-be. The nation will shout for Barack Obama.

It's not hard. When I was younger I actually thought about becoming a speechwriter. But my father has got at least one foot in the political world and he says a lot of these guys genuinely believe in the backwater Congressman they work for. That doesn't work for me. I'm not good in believing in other people. I can't decide if I believe more in people or ideas. I guess I believe in more ideas, but more strongly in people--those select few.

But I seriously could do a better job than some of these guys. "Drill, baby, drill?" Not exactly Fear Itself.


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