Wednesday, September 03, 2008

A SitCom Called Sarah

This blog is pretty lame. I can't write properly when I'm at my parents' parents are constantly pestering me. It's easier when I've only got myself to answer to. The creativity, or what passes thereby, flows more easily in the security of my own space. I've noticed I've lost a few critical readers the past couple weeks, so maybe you've noticed something, too.

Palin's speech was pretty disappointing tonight. With all the talk of her charisma I was hoping to be impressed. But rather than playing to McCain's strengths it looks like the Republicans elected for Politics As Usual. Mobilize the base, make some snitty comments about the Democrats. My suspicion is it will backfire; my recollection was that Obama's original appeal was that he alone possessed the vision to end partisan politics and put the country back together again. Is it just me, or does the whole Palin clan remind anyone else of the Beverly Hillbillies? Seriously, you could write a sit-com about them.


Blogger Blue Sky said...

Not sure if I count as a critical reader or not (I hate to be critical...), but I'm still here. Just been a mixture between absent minded and lost.

1:19 AM  

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