Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Story So Far

Here are some things I've learned about the Cute Mentee over the past week:

1. She lives in my neighborhood.

2. She plays jazz bass.

3. She is into photography.

4. She's a runner.

By itself, who cares, right? Still, with each new discovery I become more and more surprised with what we have in common. If it turns out she likes The West Wing, I'll believe in a Higher Power.

I've realized this is, in some ways, the perfect situation for a guy: a beautiful woman who, from the very nature of our relationship, has to keep coming to me beseeching that I deign to bestow some of my professional wisdom upon her. Men, we like being experts, being deferred to--it's important to us that we be right. And as of right now, I am always right.

Maybe I'll ask her for ice cream. Seriously, I know at least three married couples who jump-started The Death Do Us Part bit with an ice cream date. Including our future Commander-in-Chief. Who dated his lawyer-mentor. Interesting.


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