Saturday, October 04, 2008

Debate Talk

I suppose I should say something about the Biden-Palin debate. But I really don't feel like it. Here, however, are some interesting things I learned:

1. Palin believes in American exceptionalism...just not in the American elite.

2. A McCain-Palin administration will cut taxes but also increase education funding. It's magic!

3. Maverick.

You know why Palin did better than she did in the Gibson-Couric interviews? Because she could control the questions. "Governor, some people say your lack of experience is your Achilles' heel. What is your Achilles' heel?" "Well, ya know, Gwen, I have lots of executive experience. I was a governor, a mayor, I worked on the oil regulatory commission, I ran a business. Also I'm a mother." No, no, the question was about your Achilles' heel. It's from Greek mythology, it's like a know what, you're handlers can explain it to you after the debate.


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