Friday, October 17, 2008

Me Name is Mcnamara...

Hello there. Wow, do I even update this thing anymore? Whose blog is this? Things have been crazy busy the past few weeks. I gearing up for a two-week sojourn to The Land of Ire (tidbit: I'm flying Business Class) and have been engrossed in the preparations. Taking a vacation is tiring work. I think I may need a vacation away from my vacation. Here are some fun, non-Irish things I've discovered over the past few weeks:

John McCain is a Tragic Figure. You know all those crazy people that keep shouting at his rallies that Barack Obama is a terrorist, a traitor, and probably smells bad, too? John McCain doesn't like them. You can see it in his eyes. I've been checking the footage. Everytime Angry Crowd Member #1 beseeches we kill Barack Obama, I've seen the pain in McCain's eyes. He knows he's gone too far; he's crossed a line; he's passed the Point of No Return; there's no turning back now; how did it come to this? In those moments he remembers why he turned his back on the conservative base for all but the last three months of his political career: they're fucking psychopaths. I guess I can't blame him for morally stumbling so close to the Finish Line. The things we do for our dreams.

Sarah Palin is a Nihilist. She believes in nothing, Lebowski. No-zing! It's why she can denounce government spending in one sentence and promise increased education funding in the next. These are just words. They don't mean anything. Sarah Palin just parrots the party lines. She doesn't have a vision for America. Girl just wants to be famous. Presidents are famous! The problem is, to be president, you have to have some of those darn policy ideas. It doesn't really matter which ones. They need not even be consistent. Just so long as you have some. "Government shouldn't tell us what to do...except when it comes to who we can sleep with." "We can wage wars and pay down the deficit AND cut taxes. We can do it all!" "I want all my groceries to fit in one bag...but I don't want it to be heavy." Things were so much easier when you could just prance around in your swimsuit, weren't they?

Wait for it...

JOSH: Senator, you’re the prohibitive favorite to be the Democratic Party’s nominee for President. You have 58 million dollars in war chest with no end in sight, and...
I don’t know what we’re for.
HOYNES: Josh...
JOSH: I don’t know what we’re for, and I don’t know what we’re against, except we seem to be for winning and against somebody else winning.
HOYNES: It’s a start.


Blogger Swami Says said...

you know what sucks about you posting west wing quotes? it makes me want to watch it (the good seasons). The problem is that I don't have $50 to spend on a single season nor do I have $250 for the box set. I'm not saying you should stop the quotes, I'm just saying it sucks that I'm broke and not a lawyer.

9:38 PM  
Blogger Swami Says said...

good thing you never update anymore. my comment still seems relevant. just wanted to update my last comment. i don't know why i never amazon-ed it, but i bought seasons 1 & 2 for a total of $40. not bad considering they were $50 each at best buy.

oh yeah, and blog more.

3:52 PM  

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