Wednesday, November 05, 2008

To Win Would Be An Awfully Big Adventure

And so it begins. Are you ready for it? We've changed things, forever. There's no going back.

Last night we all bore witness; we watched as the final realization of America's promise blossomed as it never has before. We watched as inspiration persevered over prejudice and discovered it knows no color or creed, but is bound only by the vision of eloquence.

History has taught us that so often our darkest hours redouble as our finest, or else give birth to them. And there are great challenges ahead that face us: two wars against terrorism, an economy in crisis, and a nation divided even as our moral authority erodes. These challenges are great, but they are neither unprecedented nor insurmountable, so long as we are armed with hope in our hearts and carry American fellowship in our arsenal; their remedies will be long, but they cannot eclipse this moment. They are challenges that will be here tomorrow. Today we have earned ourselves the one small pleasure of a moment's respite, to savor that which was won, not in one night, not in one year, but through the persistent struggles of history.

Now let's just hope he doesn't fuck it up.


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